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Measuring your BP is Really Vital

Worldwide it is one of the most important health problems

Risk Factors That Increase the Possibility of Hypertension

Arterial hypertensio is a medical condition characterized by a continuous increment of the arterial pressure numbers, affecting about a billion. P eople worldwide.  Hypertension is an asymptomatic and easy to detect illness.  However, it attends to grave and lethal complications if it is not treated timely.


Damages it causes In Vital Organs and Systems Within the Body

Heart: Coronary Disease  Kidneys: Renal Insufficiency  Arteries: Aneurysms  Eyes Retina small blood vassels damage

Obesity  -  Diabetes  -  Sedentarism  -  Familiar History Hypertension

Smoking  -  Alcohol Compsumption  -  High Colesterol

Our Focus is t o Identify The Medical Risk For You to Resolve


For this, based on the risk factors and on the organ.

Damage that is the most frecuently observed, we integrate an evaluation directed towards detecting points of risk in your health, so that way the possibility of your suffering something serious can be reduce , implement timely and appropriate treatment

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