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ENDODONTICS Dr. Salvador Rodriguez

Endodontics is the part of dentistry that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the teeth affecting the dental pulp and surrounding tissues, including the treatment of the interior of the roots (called root canal)

What is?

Endodontics is the opening of a cavity in the tooth and removing the nerve that has been affected by caries. It is what is commonly known as "kill the nerve."



Cosmetic Dentistry is a dental care with the highest quality when it comes to dental care is concerned. Our philosophy is focused on the prevention and correction of disorders and diseases that threaten oral health, emphasizing the Comprehensive Dental Care, which aims to complete oral rehabilitation of the patient and not only some of the existing conditions, ensuring thus a full state of oral health and general welfare optimum

Metal Porcelain Crowns

They are full coverage crowns formed by a layer of porcelain fused to a thin metal casting or metal base, called coping, which conforms to the preparation. Objectives: * Make a dressing with the best design to support the restored tooth crown. * Prevent tooth fractures or crown. * Save as much healthy tooth tissue. * Know the parts and carved a necessary preparation for a full crown PFM. * Prevent crown debonding and microleakage

Orthodontics  Dr. Carlos Garcia Anton

Dental Orthodontics is not just for children, more and more adults who choose this cosmetic treatment to restore the health and beauty of your mouth. And every time there are more people who understand the shape and position of the teeth are key to having a beautiful smile. Thanks to orthodontics we can correct crowding, dental malposition, or bite problems

Metal Free Porcelain

Commonly known as cases. When a tooth is very weak ò is necessary to replenish other can use this treatment. Ò involves carving the teeth and make a structure that covers the tooth perfectly, providing protection or support for "support" other teeth. They can develop only in metal, in an internal metal frame covered by porcelain and metal free porcelain imitating the shape and color of natural teeth

Total Badges

A full denture is a dental device that replaces all or most teeth teeth from his mouth, is made of acrylic material and holds the remaining bone after tooth loss. The lifetime of a total prosthesis should be 4 to 5 years

Removable Bridge

Removable braces are not fixed forever if your teeth are not removable dentures. This is a prosthetic device that is designed to measure the patient, which is perfectly suited to the jaw and is attached to the natural teeth with retainers. If the prosthesis is a full denture sticks to the patient's mouth and a suction through the mucosa and bone. There are many people who have lost a tooth or even all parts and as a result have serious problems or are unable to chew and speak, these people need to recover the functionality of their teeth but sometimes can not be fixed bridges, then the solution is the removable bridge

In-office bleaching with UV Light

Teeth whitening has become a must for all those who want to get a cute smile and truly splendid.Tené your whiter and radiant than ever! Teeth

Furthermore, treatment includes consultation with diagnosis to assess the state of your teeth and gums, cleaning to remove tartar and plaque, polishing and fluoride varnish, essential to maintaining gum health and aesthetics of the teeth as improves contour, breath, taste and cure gingivitis.You are just one step away from getting a perfect smile

Surgical periodontal treatments (bone grafts) -. The dental implant is a device intended to be a substitute for artificial root of a missing tooth. Usually have and is threadably made ​​of biocompatible materials that are free of rejection reaction and allow attachment to the bone. The implant surface can have different textures and coatings, commonly used to increase adhesion to bone (osseointegration of titanium and if biointegration case of a ceramic material).

When replacing missing teeth using implants as much alveolar bone is preserved because this is reabsorbed by not receiving any stimulus.

IMPLANTS  Dra. Virginia Ramirez / Maxilofacial

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