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Cuadro de texto: Overweight and obesity, Athletes and high-performance athletes, high cholesterol and triglycerides, Pregnancy and lactation 
Cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension and atherosclerosis, endocrine diseases, such as diabetes and hypothyroidism, gastrointestinal diseases, such as colitis, constipation, gastritis, pancreatitis, reflux, etc.., Hematological diseases, such as anemia, kidney diseases 
Intolerances and allergies, eating behavior disorders, such as anorexia, bulimia and binge eating disorder Malnutrition / Cancer

An eating disorder is one of several chronic and progressive diseases, although they manifest themselves through eating behavior, in reality consist of a complex array of symptoms among prevalent alteration or distortion of self-image body, a great fear of gaining weight and the acquisition of a set of values ​​through a body image

Treatment for hypertension requires a change in lifestyle, and is geared to maintain healthy habits such as smoking cessation, physical exercise moderately and regularly, avoid excess weight, achieve a low level of stress and wear a healthy diet low in sodium and low in saturated fats.

Cuadro de texto: Our nutrition and attitude towards food and physical activity are the basis of our health. Our lifestyle is composed of those vital elements that we and our agendas reflect those activities to which we give priority. Today, more than ever, trading patterns in healthy lifestyle is the basis for the prevention of many diseases that cause death in our society (diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease, smoking, etc.). It is no longer "develop prior to the summer diet" rather learn to live well to enjoy quality of life forever. 

In BeYou Medical Group will help you have a healthy diet. 
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Cuadro de texto: Cuadro de texto: Diet is a vital component of the program for the control of diabetes. In BeYou we will guide you in developing a customized meal plan to help you get appropriate levels of glucose, cholesterol and triglycerides (types of fat) in the blood. If you have insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (type 2), adhering to your diet plan will help you maintain a healthy weight, and make a balance between food and insulin that your body is capable of producing. If you have insulin dependent diabetes (type 1), it is very important to stick to your eating plan to ensure a balance between the injected insulin and the food you eat

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One of the major factors contributing to obesity has to do with the lifestyle you lead. Consuming more calories than are necessary, having a poor diet and lack of exercise contribute to weight gain.

Cuadro de texto: Cuadro de texto: En diseñar una dieta sana personalizada, que cumpla con tus preferencias alimenticias (que te ayude a bajar de peso, mejorar o controlar tu salud y que te de beneficios para sentirte bien). Esta dieta debe cumplir con las normas y recomendaciones que hace la Secretaria de Salud pero sobre todo debe cumplir con lo que deseas lograr. No fármacos, no pastillas, SOLAMENTE TU ALIMENTACIÓN.

Seguimos el método científico por que nos permite descubrir con mayor precisión las necesidades de tu cuerpo y complementarlas con tus necesidades, asi formamos, en cada consulta, una Dieta SANA para llevar fácilmente a lo largo de 8 o 15 días. Nosotros te diremos que comer claramente.




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Dr. J. Antonio Espinoza Cervantes


It is easy to understand how obesity arises through a simple mathematical operation. If energy expenditure is less than the consumption of food (which are transformed into energy), the excess accumulates in the body as fat