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Surgical Dermatology


Removal of moles - Skin cancer surgery - Benign tumor Surgery

 Sclerotherapy - Electrofulguration - Cryotherapy - Cysts removal


Cosmetic Dermatology Facelifts - Botox - Stuffed - (Restylene, juvederm) - Platelet-rich plasma -Peeling - Microdermoabrasion - Skin patches - Blepharoplasty - Acne scars


Chronic inflammation of the pilosebaceous unit produced by retention of sebum.
Appears at puberty in people with seborrheic skin
Face and chest are the most prone places of pilosebaceous follicles, acne affects this places.
It is classified by the type of comedonal, papular, pustular lesion, cystic conglobata, fulminans and queloideo.

As one of the most common dermatological diseases, there are an endless number of miracle cures, remedies which rather than helping the patient m they affect your mood, expectations and  economy.


Chronic skin disease consisting of a permanent vascular component (redness and swelling of the skin) affects midface region. Sometimes it can be mistaken for acne or sunburn. It is important to keep a medical treatment with your dermatologist, who will explain the steps to follow and take care of you.


Benign skin disease, not contagious, very common. Dermatosis (erythema) redness and scales
Skin inflammation in areas where there are greater number of glands (sebum production)
Places where it is  predominant : skin with hair ,  in back side of nose, eyebrows, ears and around chest.
It may be asymptomatic or cause (itching or stinging). Appears at any age but more frequent  at puberty and after this. The disease worsens with stress, depression, seasonal changes, (worse in the cold) drugs.
This disease is controlled with treatment prescribed by the dermatologist ,as it has periods of recurrence.
Some of the treatments: ketoconazole, topical steroids, sulfate shampoo
selenium, zinc sulfide, salicylic acid, coal tar, isotretinoin.


Acute dermal inflammation or cronic as a result of direct skin contact with chemicals or allergens
Irritating Types (80%) allergic, phototoxic, photoallergenic.
It´s location always varies  in direct  relation to the agent that caused it, acute erythema, edema, vesicles, blistering, and in extreme cases necrosis. In severe cases it may appear distant injuries or “ides”
The diagnosis is based on clinical, profession, and habits of the patient. The patch tests are used to differentiate the irritative contact eczema origin of allergic origin and in this case to identify the antigen.
Treatment is essential to prevent re-exposure to irritants and sensitizing agents.  The tratament depends
on the clinical stage of the process.


Infectious, acute, self-limited disease that is caused by reactivation of the varicella-zoster virus.
Afecting  suddenly  skin and peripheral nerves; follows a nerve path; usually intercostal.
It is manifested by hyperplasia and pain, with subsequent groups vesicles on an erythematous base on; leave herpetic neuritis.
Important to start antiviral treatment to cut the cycle of the virus and thus prevent complications such as cranial nerve affectation V (trigeminal) ophthalmic branch in particular, affects 30% nasociliary branch, accompanied with vesicles at the tip of the nose (Hutchinson's sign ) ocular keratitis complications (50%) anterior uveitis, iridocyclitis and even panophthalmitis.
The direct effect of cranial
nerves VII and VIII Facial (Vestibulocochlear) can cause Ramsay-Hunt syndrome. Consisting of bell palsy, temporomandibular joint pain and dizziness.


Common warts, petty, plantar warts, "fish eyes" are found within the common dermatoses.
Benign epidermal neoplasms very frequent produced by human papilloma virus.
They are characterized by verrucous, vegetating lesions are classified as flat, vulgar, plantar or acuminate.
The clinical evolution of all varieties is cronic and unpredictable, can last for months or years.
Visit your dermatologist on time  , when you start with an injury ,because these spread to other parts of the body and the treatment is painful.
The direct effect of cranial nerves VII and VIII Facial (Vestibulocochlear) can cause Ramsay-Hunt syndrome. Consisting of bell palsy, temporomandibular joint
pain and dizziness.


Autoimmune disease of unknown origin, characterized by intraepidermal blisters on skin and mucous
Predominantly Age 40 to 60 years affects all races, both sexes are affected with slightly predominance in women. The cause is unknown other than drug-induced pemphigus.
Pemphigus Vulgaris represents 80-85% of cases The eruption begins anywhere on skin or mucous membranes (60%) with a predominance of hairy skin , axillary and inguinal folds, submammary region .
There are flaccid blisters from 1 to 2 cm, which appear in healthy or erythematous skin, which when they are broken , they  leave denuded areas, abrasions and melicerous scabs. The most affected muccous area is the oral mucus.


Crònic, asymptomatic, disease characterized by hypochromic and achromic spots (white).
Genetic factors intervene , also neurological, autoimmune and psychological factors.
Higher prevalence in women , it is seen in all ages predominance 20-40 years).
Location backs of hands, wrists, forearms, around the eyes, mouth, scalp, neck, genital areas, folds of flexion.
The lesions may be localized in a single segment, disseminated or generalized to the entire skin surface in areas of friction.  Treatment is complex in some cases,  so it is appropriate to go to a specialist because sometimes  they go to alternatives and are left to spend time and mostly they know the family and
other people who are not aware it is not contagious disease.



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